Since 1988, ObjektDev's consultants have operated within some of the most technically-challenging environments ranging from safety to mission-critical developments. Throughout this period we have built a deep understanding of technologies, processes, tools and management.

This experience and knowledge of the fundamentals that underpin successful software projects is being applied to improve organisations' Application Lifecycle Management.

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Today's systems, whether civil, military or commercial are becoming increasingly reliant on COTS hardware and software. Each sector has its own constraints in terms of certification standards, governance or simply time-to-market.

In some sectors we encounter mature ALM with the prevalence of UML and SysML modelling, code generation, mathematical modelling, requirements and test management. However, commercial pressures are being brought to bear as clients demand better value from their budgets in ever decreasing timescales.

ObjektDev is at the forefront of exploiting COTS tools and industry-standard processes to maximise productivity, whilst maintaining the exceptionally high standards that are necessary and has experience within:  

  • Aerospace, Space and Defence
  • Power and Civil Nuclear
  • Media
  • Financial and Trading

Below is an example of the broad range of applications that have benefitted from improved ALM:

FX Trading Platform

High transaction, low latency trading platforms demand expertly designed components that work together distributed over LANs and WANs. Without proper consideration to architecture and design, latency issues can creep in making the system unworkable. Highly effective modelling tools can be used to architect and design-in best practise to eliminate such bottlenecks and issues early in the lifecycle. 


The demand for ever more sophistcated, powerful and integrated military systems, has led the C4ISTAR community to define frameworks such as the DoDAF and MODAF to understand, visualise and develop systems that are fit for purpose in an ever-changing context. ObjektDev has first-hand experience of exploiting and integrating cost-effective modelling tools and processes to meet these challenges.

Avionic Systems

With the development of civil avionics systems being subject to the rigours of standards such as DO-178B, ALM is top of the agenda for most Project and Engineering Managers. Yet, we encounter situations whereby clients are not fully-exploiting their software, hardware or systems assets. We understand our clients needs in this area and can bring innovative ALM solutions to maximise their development efforts.

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